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Olivier Brunet Joins Ellipse as Executive Vice President Product Management

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In the news

Ellipse Joins ICMA to Further Facilitate EVC® Migration

September 6, 2022

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SPS partners with Ellipse to integrate SPS eBoost inductive coupling technology in their EVC® All-In-One module

November 29, 2021

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STMicroelectronics Reveals Next-Generation Secure Microcontroller for Biometric System-on-Card and dCVV Solutions

November 29th 2021

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Linxens aims to reinforce the security of the payment card with its module with Ellipse’s EVC® All-in-One battery-free Dynamic Card Security Code solution.

November 24th 2021

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Ellipse Introduces EVC® ALL-in-One, the First EMV Micromodule With an Integrated Screen to Display a Dynamic Security Code for eCommerce Protection

November 23, 2021

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CoPayment, Linxens, and Ellipse partner to introduce EVC® battery-free Dynamic Card Security Code processing for the LATAM market.   

October 6, 2021

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Linxens and Ellipse introduce EVC®, a revolutionary battery-free solution for payment cards

November 26, 2019

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ABCorp Launches Dynamic CVV Card Based on EVC® Technology

October 25, 2019

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Download the Dynamic Security Code Cards: A Primer

'White paper from the Secure Technology Alliance to learn more about the technology

Webinar recording

Extending the Security Enhancements of EMV to eCommerce - Webinar recording

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Press kit summary

  • EVC technology replaces the static 3 or 4-digit card security number by a dynamic code, which effectively protects against card information theft

  • Provides an additional layer of security, protects card information at the source

  • Reduces card re-issuance, reduces loss of opportunity, and avoids substitution of cards-on-file while cardholders wait for their replacement cards

  • The most powerful and complete Dual Interface payment card that protects both Card-Present and Card-Not-Present transactions

  • A natural top-of-wallet card:

    • The more it is used for Card-Present transactions, the more Card-Not-Present transactions are secure​​

    • Differentiate with the most advanced and secure payment card

    • Increase market share

    • Strengthen client confidence

    • Boost image brand

  • Frictionless cardholder experience, transparent and immediate acceptance by all merchants, easy to deploy issuer-only solution

  • Works like a regular payment card, works on any device and any channel; no plugins or special app required

  • Leverages existing EMV  infrastructure:

    • Powered and works with all existing POS terminals and ATMs​

    • New dynamic card security code during every EMV transaction

  • Easy implementation and flexibility; EVC is compatible with existing payment HSMs and is also available as an infinitely scalable cloud service in a PCI-DSS compliant environment via a simple API

  • Battery-free design

    • Compatible with existing hot lamination card manufacturing processes

    • Eliminates self-discharge issues, simplifies storage, end-of-life product disposal and recycling

    • Eliminates battery-related risks, reduces environmental footprint

    • Ensures operation during the entire lifetime of the card​

  • Accommodates every standard card features and options such as embossing, hot stamp, and  hologram