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Olivier Brunet

EVP, Product Management

Olivier Brunet is Ellipse’s Executive Vice President of Product Management. Olivier’s extensive experience in the world of smart cards makes him a giant in the industry and an innumerable asset to Ellipse. 


Olivier Brunet is the co-founder of SPS, the current world leader in secure components for smart cards and identity documents as well as the pioneer of inductive coupling for contactless cards. While at SPS, he held positions as Director of R&D, Customer Programs, Product, and Marketing. After the 2014 integration of SPS into IN Groupe, the French national printer, Olivier also managed the product range of the group’s identity documents as well as marketing for the group’s entire portfolio of secure components.  


At Ellipse, Olivier oversees Ellipse’s project portfolio and works closely with Ellipse’s partners to ensure compliance, quality, and function as well as facilitate manufacturing. Olivier’s role is to represent of clients in the organization at every stage from project inception through integrations and deployments.  


Olivier holds an engineering degree from the Institute National de Sciences Appliqués of Lyon, 30 years of experience in the field of smart cards and secure documents, 10 years of experience as an R&D project manager at Gemplus, and more than 25 patents as an inventor or co-inventor. 

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