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Ellipse Introduces EVC® ALL-In-One

Updated: May 16, 2023

The First EMV Micromodule With an Integrated Screen to Display a Dynamic Security Code for eCommerce Protection

Revolutionary drop-in replacement module enabling easy migration

  • Contact and contactless EVC security code refresh

  • EMV chip agnostic

  • Protection against Card-Not-Present fraud and reliable authorizations to reduce false declines

  • Increases/Maximizes payment card life

  • Battery-free and eco friendly

LOS ANGELES, USA, November 23rd, 2021— Ellipse is proud to announce today the launch of EVC® All-In-One, the first EMV module that transforms a basic payment card into an eCommerce EMV security product. The patented EVC All-In-One module features a built-in screen that displays a refreshed seurity code (also known as CVV/CVC) during every contact or contactless EMV transaction. This innovative functionality renders stolen card information unusable for fraudulent online payments. The EVC All-In-One is a single component, 8-pin EMV drop-in replacement module embedded in payment cards, with a 3-digit display on its back. This solution enables all card manufacturers to easily mass produce eCommerce-ready cards using their existing equipment and is compatible with most common card construction types (PVC, Metal, recycled plastic, etc.). This is the first module that allows card issuers to offer payment cards with protection in Contact, Contactless and eCommerce environments, while maximizing card life and reducing card replacements. In announcing the EVC All-In-One launch, Ellipse CEO Cyril Lalo stated “as eCommerce has become an established, integral part of our lives, the payment industry needs payment cards that support both traditional and digital lifestyles. We are proud to have developed and brought to market this revolutionary product that will reduce eCommerce fraud and is easily integrated into the existing card manufacturing, personalization and payment processing ecosystems.” The EVC All-In-One represents the first breakthrough technology in payment cards since EMV. It has been designed specifically for eCommerce protection by extending Card-Present EMV security protocols to online transactions. Moreover, since it utilizes existing EMV rails, Issuer processors can easily, within two weeks and with minimal investment, integrate EVC Dynamic Security Code verification in their existing HSMs with no additional server/software. This revolutionary approach to ending Card-Not-Present fraud is particularly suited for Processors as they can offer this new value-added service to their clients with a significantly high return on investment for both processor and issuer. The EVC All-In-One module has been designed to be compatible with standard antenna for Dual-Interface cards. It is available through our partners Linxens for direct-connect antenna, and SPS-IN Groupe for inductive coupling interface. About Ellipse Ellipse is a Los Angeles based FinTech company shaping the future of payment security. Ellipse has invented EVC® All-In-One, the first EMV micromodule with an integrated screen to display a Dynamic Security Code for eCommerce protection by using the existing EMV rails. EVC is a breakthrough solution to combat Card-Not-Present fraud and to reduce False Declines. EVC is easy to deploy for Issuers, provides a frictionless experience for cardholders, and is transparent to merchants. EVC All-In-One patented battery-free display technology enables all card manufacturers to produce EVC products with their existing process and equipment. Ellipse is comprised of leading payment technology experts dedicated to help stakeholders generate new value from technologies that address today's and tomorrow's challenges of the digital payment ecosystem. Press contact Laval Law

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