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Sebastien Pochic 

Chief Technology Officer

Sebastien Pochic is the Chief Technology Officer of Ellipse. He has extensive technical and business experience in electronic payments as well as a passion to push the envelope when it comes to the development of innovative payment products & solutions.


Prior to joining Ellipse, Sebastien was VP of New Products at Mastercard Inc., where he led Mastercard’s Display Card Program and also developed several innovative payment products related to chip cards, smart TVs, and connected vehicles. As part of the Display Card Program, Sebastien led product strategy, product development, marketing, and deployment efforts. He also established relationships with many leading industry players.


While at Mastercard, Sebastien also held several product management roles related to value-add chip solutions, remote authentication solutions, and M/Chip.


Sebastien started his career at Banksys (now part of Worldline, an Atos company), a Belgium-based card processor, terminal manufacturer, and manager of the Bancontact/Mistercash scheme (now managed by the Bancontact Company). As part of the security department, he led security policies, requirements, and architecture for all payment services, chip cards, terminals, authorization systems, and Hardware Security Modules. He was also a member of Banksys’ internal and inter-bank security committees.


Sebastien was also member of several Belgian and European workgroups on electronic payment security where he contributed to defining interoperable standards for security evaluations of payment products, specifications of secure payment protocols, and specifications of security modules.




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