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Arnaud Jullien

Executive Vice President, EMEA & APAC

Arnaud Jullien is the Executive Vice President in charge of EMEA & APAC. He has over 25 years of experience in the security and authentication spaces of Europe, North America, and Asia.

For 20 years, Arnaud has been a catalyst for the deployment of creative, technology-centered payment industry solutions. More recently, he has focused on the mobile and IoT space. His different executive positions in Paris, France and in San Francisco, CA have helped him build bridges between Europe and North America and to create and manage an innovation center in the Silicon Valley. Arnaud's innovation center represents a truly collaborative effort to foster innovation and engage with a broad range of clients, startups, and partners.


Previously, Arnaud held senior management positions at Idemia, Morpho, and Gemalto (now Thales). He has experience in product, strategy, and corporate management, B2B sales, regional management, and subsidiary management and has held positions such as SVP of Payment Business Unit, VP of Payment Product Line, SVP of Mobile Operators, VP North America, VP Europe & Africa, and President & CEO (of Morpho N.A., Inc.). 

Arnaud holds an MSc in Electronics and Computer Science from CPE in Lyon, France, and a Certificate of Business Excellence from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

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