Completing the EMV evolution


The EMV integrated 
dynamic security code technology

EVC is a technology that generates a Dynamic Security Code (DSC) during a contact and/or contactless EMV transaction by using dynamic data from this transaction, that displays the DSC on a small screen of a battery-free payment card powered by the payment terminal driving the transaction, and that enables the DSC to be validated by an EMV system during a subsequent card-not-present transaction.

dcvv screen backside

Replacing the static security code of a payment card with EVC dynamic security codes prevents the use of stolen card data.

Ellipse's battery-free technology ensures operation during the entire lifetime of the card and eliminates self-discharge, providing virtually unlimited shelf life, and is more eco-friendly.

Ellipse electronics are card manufacturer-agnostic. Card manufacturers can build EVC dynamic security code products in-house and locally with their existing equipment. This technology is fully compatible with a hot-lamination process.

EVC cards are fully compatible with existing POS terminals/ATMs and can be mailed in regular card packaging and envelope.  


EVC codes are used exactly like standard static security codes, but are more secure

An extra layer of security at the card level

More protection for everyday transactions
  • Online shopping

  • Mail-Order/Telephone Order

CNP Payments
  • Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Uber, Venmo…)

  • Recurring payments (utilities, phone bills…)

  • New address, new phone number, etc...

  • High value purchases

Profile updates
  • EVC technology provides a powerful, frictionless additional layer of security.

  • Familiar checkout process helps reduce transaction abandonment.

  • Simplifies authentication and authorization decision and process for the issuer.

  • For issuers, costs associated with card replacement due to card data theft are eliminated.

Trusted data loop
More security, more genuine authorizations

EVC creates a unique trusted verification loop that increases the certainty that a transaction is legitimate and reduces false declines.

In the stream of information received by Issuers during Card Not Present(CNP) transactions, the EVC value is the only dynamic data that is originated by the Issuer.


The solution enables Issuers to make more reliable and accurate authorization decisions.

Increased eCommerce opportunity for debit card portfolio

Increase total CNP transaction volumes with more secure DEBIT cards for online use 

An unauthorized transaction with a debit card is the worst cardholder experience. The funds leave their bank account immediately, which heavily impacts the account holder.

EVC provides peace of mind to consumers and eliminates the fear that their card data gets compromised.

Debit card dynamic cvv (dcvv)

Fraudulent card data collection deterrent

EMV integration provides geo-localization
of every EVC code generation
  • Helps to pinpoint card data collection points (POCs) of unauthorized and unsuccessful (i.e declined) transactions

  • Deterrent for large scale fraudulent collection networks

EVC combines security & elegance

Metal digit screen dcvv or dynamic code verification
Also available in METAL
evc dynamic cvv dcvv
dcvv evc ellipse metal card

Extending the
security enhancements
of EMV to eCommerce

New generation of "EVC Ready" EMV app with "Native" EVC calculation

“EVC Ready” EMV app generates a Dynamic Security code (DSC) during a contact and/or contactless EMV transaction by using data from this transaction.

  • No additional personalization for chips with "EVC Ready" apps

  • Off the shelf compatibility with standard EMV chips 

An issuer solution 

ellipse verification code issuer scheme

The EVC solution was designed to be deployed independently and cost effectively by issuers. No change is required on e-merchant checkout payment forms, and in acquirers and networks/schemes systems.

Verifying EVC Dynamic Security Codes is simple. All that is needed is an updated call to the existing EMV authorization platform. EVC effectively extends the security enhancements of EMV to eCommerce without forgoing current financial investment.

Easy to implement

Maximize return on existing EMV investments
  • Leverages existing EMV backend services, protocols, and HSMs

  • No supplemental card personalization (with EVC ready app) 

Bring your card portfolio into the digital era

Cost reduction

  • No card re-issuance

  • Lower fraud management cost

  • Reduced loss of opportunity

More secure

  • Tokenizes the card security code

  • Protects at the source

  • Secures wallet enrollment

Easy implementation

  • An issuer solution

  • Compatible with existing HSMs (No additional hardware)


  • Can be shipped via regular mail packaging and envelope

old dynamic cvv layout

Revenue increase

  • Increase conversion rate with accurate approve/declination decision 

  • Increase client approval rate

  • Improve cardholder confidence

  • Recruit new customers, increase market share

  • Top of wallet (more CNP interchange revenue)

Easy deployment 100% adoption

  • Easy to use, frictionless & transparent to cardholders

  • Zero impact on e-merchants

  • Works on any device & any channel, no plugins required


  • Reliable lifetime performance

  • More eco-friendly

  • Card manufacturer-agnostic hot lamination process


  • Most advanced and complete payment card