EVC is a technology that generates a Dynamic Security Code (DSC) during a contact and/or contactless EMV transaction by using dynamic data from this transaction, that displays the DSC on a small screen of a battery free payment card powered by the payment terminal driving the transaction, and that enables the DSC to be validated by an EMV system during a subsequent card-not-present transaction.

The EMV integrated 
dynamic security code technology

Replacing the static security code of a payment card with EVC dynamic security codes reduces CNP fraud.

This tokenization of card security code renders stolen card data useless. 

  • EVC technology provides a powerful, frictionless additional layer of security, and simplifies the authentication decision process for the issuer.

  • For issuers, costs associated with card replacement due to card data theft are eliminated.

  • By providing merchants and issuers with dynamic data during an e-commerce transaction, EVC increases the certainty that a transaction is legitimate, and false positive declines are eliminated.

  • EVC provides peace of mind to consumers, eliminating the fear that their card data gets compromised as it continuously changes.

Ellipse battery-free technology ensures operation during the entire lifetime of the card and eliminates self-discharge, providing virtually unlimited shelf life.

With ellipse CORE, card manufacturers can build EVC dynamic security code products in-house and locally with their existing equipment. This technology is fully compatible with hot-lamination process.

SmartCards built upon EVC and ellipse CORE technologies are fully compatible with existing POS terminals

and ATMs.

A new card security code with every  
EMV transaction

No modification of the EMV infrastructure is necessary to generate the dynamic security code. 

More secure, every day 

One code valid at a time

EVC eliminates multiple codes validity window. With EVC, only a single dynamic security code is valid at any point in time, which further increases CNP transaction security.

Card-on-file payments

EVC is compatible with card-on-file payments. EVC codes are used exactly like standard static security codes, but more secure.

Fraudulent card data collection deterrent

EMV integration enables geo-localization of every EVC code generation

  • Helps pinpoint card data collection points (POCs) of unauthorized and unsuccessful (i.e declined) transactions

  • Deterrent for large scale fraudulent collection networks

An issuer-only solution 

No modification is required on e-merchant checkout payment form.

Option 1: Issuer processors leverage their existing EMV authorization platform.

Option 2: The combination of EVC technology with the ellipse cloud-based service, enables issuers to deploy dynamic security code solutions swiftly and cost effectively via an API.

Simultaneously addresses the needs of 

issuers, merchants, and end-users 

Cost reduction

  • No card re-issuance

  • Lower fraud management cost

  • Reduced loss of opportunity

More secure

  • Tokenizes the card security code

  • Protects at the source

  • Secures wallet enrollment 

Revenue increase

  • Increase client approval rate

  • Improve cardholder confidence

  • Recruit new customers, increase market share

  • Top of wallet (more CNP interchange revenue)

Easy implementation

  • Issuer-only solution

  • Compatible with existing HSMs (No additional hardware)


  • Simple API

  • Cloud or on-premises platform

Easy deployment

100% adoption

  • Easy to use, frictionless & transparent to cardholders

  • Zero impact on e-merchants

  • Works on any device & any channel, no plugins required


  • Reliable lifetime performance

  • More eco-friendly

  • Card manufacturer-agnostic hot lamination process


  • Most advanced and complete payment card


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