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WenChing Chou

VP of Engineering

WenChing is the Vice President of Engineering at Ellipse. She has an extensive background in the display card manufacturing industry. WenChing's expertise in R&D guidelines, new material research, card assembly management, and quality control, and her passion for new product analysis and the card formation process is integral to Ellipse's mission.


WenChing started her career in engineering designing and modifying COBOL programs at Firstar Bank. WenChing's experience in banking shaped her views and perspective on the importance of preventing fraud in the financial industry. As founder and CTO of SmartDisplayer Technology, based in Taiwan, she worked to reduce fraud with the world's first flexible display panel embedded in an ISO compliant card. At SmartDisplay Technology, she developed cutting-edge technology integrated with an Electronic Paper Display (EPD) System on Chip (SOC). WenChing has been working with global authentication solution providers and EMV card manufacturers for years.


Cyril and WenChing formed a partnership in 2005, when they successfully developed the world's first commercialized display module. After 2005, WenChing worked at Beautiful Card Corporation as Chief Operation Officer, where she oversaw OEM card manufacturer’s operating management and new product R&D.


WenChing is committed to delivering world-class financial solutions. Her two decades of experience with inlaid display module development and card production were vital in developing Ellipse's EVC All-In-One module.

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