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Gabrielle Levy

Chief Financial Officer

Gabrielle serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Ellipse. She has worked with CEO Cyril Lalo since 2010, where she was a Financial Controller at NagraID Security. She has extensive financial management experience in funding, cash forecasting and management, internal control systems, compliance, budget planning, and insurance programs. A seasoned finance and accounting executive, she has over 12 years of experience in consumer products, publishing, and payment technology for both domestic and international operations.


Prior to joining Ellipse, Gabrielle was a Financial Controller at Bolton Alimentari, where she worked closely with the CEO to build mixed modeling tools for product marketing and sales optimization.


From Bolton Alimentary, Gabrielle went onto Johnson and Johnson, where she analyzed price points to ensure that new products maintained or exceeded a seventy percent gross profit margin, and performed analysis on mergers and acquisitions. She then went on to work with a seventy-million-dollar division portfolio for the Bolton Group, one of Europe’s largest producers of high-quality consumer goods.


Gabrielle spent six years as a Financial Controller at NagraID Security, where she led financial reporting, cash management, and legal and corporate matters. Gabrielle is committed to maximizing long-term value and business planning, ensuring that projects meet their overall goals, and maintaining high levels of integrity and transparency.

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