Martin Ferenczi

Strategic Relationships

Martin Ferenczi is responsible for developing strategic relationships at ellipse. For 10 years, until June 2017, he was CEO of Oberthur Technologies of America Corp (now Idemia). During his tenure, he developed extensive relationships with the largest financial institutions in the US.  His deep knowledge of the US payments sector and the development of 3 key strategic alliances allowed Idemia to grow its market share by 30% under his tenure.

The US migration to EMV allowed Card Present counterfeiting fraud to be reduced by more than 75%. By joining Ellipse, Martin’s goal is to achieve the same results for Card Not Present transactions.


After Idemia, Martin has been providing advisory services to global Private Equity firms, and to Start-Ups, with a focus on the Payments, Authentication and Identification spaces. In addition to Ellipse, start-up clients include Trusona, the no password solution, and 1Kosmos – BlockID, an identity vault solution on the blockchain. His lifetime goal has been to eliminate fraud and counterfeiting through technology.

Prior to joining Oberthur in the US, Martin was Chief Financial Officer of the Oberthur’ s holding company in Paris. At the beginning of his career, following 13 years with JP Morgan Chase (previously the Chase Manhattan Bank NA), based in London and New York, he joined the Oberthur Group to stat its first international subsidiary, Banknote Corporation of America, from the ground-up. Banknote is a high security printing company based in New York.

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