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Curtis Garrett


Curtis Garrett is Ellipse’s Vice President for North America. He is responsible for driving product demand for the North American market.


Curtis is a visionary banking executive who specializes in driving top- and bottom-line profitability by delivering innovative solutions that elevate the digital customer experience.


Prior to joining Ellipse, Curtis had a remarkable 30-year tenure at Capital One, including a decade as head of the company’s Debit Program. Garrett joined Capital One when it was a fledgling credit card company and played a pivotal role in its transformation into a top-tier U.S. institution. Curtis most recently served as Capital One’s VP of Enterprise Payments, where he spearheaded the development of a comprehensive debit rail infrastructure. His strategic vision and leadership were instrumental in consolidating Capital One’s position across divisions and enhancing its capabilities in payments and operations. 


Curtis brings a wealth of experience in operations, payments, card manufacturing, strategic partnerships, program management, strategic planning, negotiations, team building, and beyond. His dedication to inspiring high-performing teams fosters cross-functional collaboration at Ellipse and facilitates the meeting of strategic objectives. 


With an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the card and banking business and a wealth of expertise, Curtis plays a critical role in positioning EVC  within the banking sector, driving growth, and establishing it as the new standard in payment card technology.


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