The most advanced & secure payment card ever !

A new Card Security Code
during every EMV transaction

  • Integrated electronic paper display

  • Battery-free energy harvesting technology

  • Security to the next level

  • Works seamlessly on any channel


Smartcards with EVC technology available now from your card manufacturer



Dynamic security code

A new card security code every time you pay

Ellipse Verification Code™ (EVC) is the only EMV® integrated, cost effective, mass market dynamic card security code solution to reduce Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud


Up-to-date card balance  

Cost effective and simple solution to eliminate the guesswork of the balance left on prepaid and loyalty cards


Key information displayed on your transit card  ​


Number of trips left, expiration date, remaining value, and more, right on the transit card. The ideal solution for smart-transit and smart-cities 

Patented, manufacturer-agnostic card technology

Ellipse battery-free technology  enables card manufacturers to easily and rapidly incorporate Display Cards in their product portfolio. Cards integrating ellipse technology can be produced by employing standard hot lamination processes similar to dual interface card manufacturing, with existing equipment. The cards can accommodate any standard features such as embossing, signature panel, and hologram.

  • Durable, eco-friendly, and battery-free Display Card technology

  • Standard hot lamination process

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • Always-on, up to 6-digit bi-stable display

  • Dual Interface, contact/contactless

ellipse CORE 

standard inlay

Manufacturer-agnostic  hot lamination

EMV chip agnostic
module embedding

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