EVC dynamic cvv code




dynamic cvv display

The first EMV micromodule with an integrated screen* to display a Dynamic Security Code for eCommerce protection

drop in replacement dcvv module

Revolutionary drop-in replacement EMV module

Single component, patented, 8-pin EMV module, compatible with existing equipment, processes, and most common card construction types
(PVC, metal, recycled plastic, etc...)

emv dcvv chip agnostic logo

EMV chip agnostic

Compatible with every industry standard payment chip

battery free dcvv logo

Battery-free design

Power harvesting technology for maximum card life, while increased security in Contact, Contactless, and eCommerce environments reduces premature card re-issuance which helps the environment


The EVC All-In-One module easily transforms a basic payment card into an eCommerce EMV security product. 

On-card dynamic data renders stolen card information unusable for fraudulent online payments and provides hardware-grade protection for card-on-file 
applications, card-based identity verification, and digital wallets.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Extra secure

The EVC All-In-One represents the first breakthrough technology in payment cards since EMV. It has been designed specifically for eCommerce protection by leveraging existing EMV rails, extending Card-Present EMV security protocols to online transactions..


During Card Not Present(CNP) transactions, the EVC value is the only dynamic data that is originated by the Issuer. The solution creates a unique trusted verification loop that enables Issuers to make more reliable and accurate authorization decisions.

Extra robust

Durable design and tougher than any other display card electronics. Whether going through high speed/high capacity manufacturing processes or embedded into cards in the hands of cardholders, EVC All-In-One meets or exceeds all the stringent requirements of real conditions of use.

The sturdiness of EVC All-In-One modules enables cards integrating this technology to be personalized by standard processes, and mailed via standard envelopes.

Extra easy

EVC Dynamic Security Code verification can be easily integrated with minimal investment into existing HSMs.


EVC can be deployed independently by issuers, and is transparent to merchants, acquirers, and networks/schemes.


EVC is frictionless for cardholders - it is used just like a traditional static security code and does not require any additional apps or plugins.


Next generation 

EVC All-In-One modules can be ordered through our partner network in standard 35mm reels - available in direct connection antenna, and Inductive Coupling interface