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SELP Partners with Ellipse to Support Payment Industry’s Adoption of EVC® Dynamic Card Security Code

Mumbai, INDIA, 4th of September, 2023 — SELP today announced a partnership with Ellipse World, Inc. (Ellipse) to integrate EVC® (Ellipse Verification Code) battery-free technology into their product portfolio. The partnership supports the migration of the payment industry towards the use of the EVC dynamic card security code. EVC is pivotal to enhance e-commerce payment security, and to eliminate false declines. Payment cards with EVC technology seamlessly merge the physical and digital realms, opening new revenue opportunities for card issuers. Moreover, the elevated security offered by EVC ensures peace of mind for cardholders.

SELP's extensive range of solutions for payment, identification, printing, sensitive data, credential management, and digital payments positions the company as a premier provider for EVC cards and a one-stop-shop for all related needs, and ensures that SELP’s customers can adopt the solution with confidence. As part of the partnership, SELP also collaborated closely with SPS IN Groupe, a leading provider in contactless and dual interface card manufacturing technologies, to accelerate the integration of the solution into their catalogue.

Hubert Coyne, Head of Banking and Transportation Cards Unit at SELP, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Ellipse at the dawn of the EVC age. Incorporating EVC into our portfolio is an obvious decision for us, given the strong interest in this technology. It has notably taken center stage in our discussions with banks and issuers at recent conferences. Not only does it improve payment security, it also enables us to tap into new markets. Our partnership with Ellipse enables us to support the payment industry’s migration to EVC by drawing on our many solutions and competencies. Our clients need the tools to deploy EVC technology and protect their customers. SELP is dedicated to providing seamless support and assistance throughout the entire process, from card production to personalization and fulfillment.”

Arnaud Jullien, EVP Strategy & Sales — EMEA & APAC of Ellipse, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “Announcing our new partnership with SELP is the first step to a great leap forward for EVC technology. As the payment industry migrates to widespread global use of EVC, global partnerships become more important than ever. SELP is a key player in the market, boasting a wide range of solutions to serve each facet of the payment industry more effectively.”

The adoption of EVC is a game changer for the payment industry. EVC is the battery-free solution that equips payment cards with a 3-digit code located on the back of the module and that uses the existing EMV rails and infrastructure. The code changes every time the card is used at a physical POS terminal or ATM, and can also be refreshed on-demand via mobile phone. This new code can be utilized for any subsequent online or card-not-present transaction, effectively reducing the risk of false declines and fraudulent card-not-present activities.


About SELP

SELP, established in 1956, is a high security printer and solutions provider in the realm of payments and identification. We specialize in electronic cards, which we produce in France and in India, under optimal quality and security conditions. We are also a service provider for issuers of secure documents, for which SELP provides enrolment, personalization, control and dematerialization systems. Our customers include financial institutions, major corporations, and governments around the world. With an annual card production of more than 350 million and servicing over 60 countries across Europe, Central America, Africa, the Middle East, and India, SELP is uniquely positioned to drive the commercialization of latest technologies in payments and ID industries. SELP is appreciated for the quality of its products and solutions, the competence of its teams, and the flexibility of its human-sized organization.

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About Ellipse

Ellipse World, Inc. (“Ellipse”) is a Los Angeles-based FinTech company that defines the latest advancements in smart card technology. Ellipse’s mission is to make e-commerce transactions secure in a digital world, and to create simple solutions that address the global payment ecosystem’s needs. With that in mind, Ellipse developed the EVC® All-In-One EMV micromodule. Payment cards equipped with the battery-free EVC (Ellipse Verification Code) module integrate a screen that displays a dynamic security code, which changes every time the card is tapped or dipped at a Point Of Sale terminal, ATM, or mobile app. The new security code can then be used for any subsequent Card Not Present (CNP) or online transaction; the next time the card is tapped or dipped; the code will change again. This changing code generates an extra layer of security against e-commerce payment fraud and eliminates false declines. Ellipse’s global team spans the US, Europe, and Asia, and is comprised of leading payment technology experts who are committed to creating new value for the payment industry.

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