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Ellipse Partners with BG Ingénierie

Updated: Feb 23

BG Ingénierie partners with Ellipse to launch testing and quality control industrial line of EVC-ready equipment

EVC All-In-One by Ellipse

CHATEAUBOURG, ILLE-ET-VILAINE, FRANCE, May 9, 2023/ -- BG Ingénierie, a leading provider of equipment and engineering services for smartcards manufacturing and durability testing, announced a partnership today with Ellipse World, Inc. (Ellipse), the creator of the EVC® All-In-One dynamic card security code EMV micromodule for payment cards. Considering the fast-growing importance of and anticipated industry migration towards EVC cards, the aim of this partnership is to accelerate the introduction of a complete line of industrial equipment designed specifically for the EVC ecosystem. With the integration of a 3-digit screen to display dynamic security codes in the latest EMV modules, it is only natural for equipment to evolve and support display testing and quality control accordingly. These machines are the first to allow all stakeholders in the card production chain to carry out fully automated, comprehensive testing and quality control throughout every stage of the manufacturing process - from modules on tape entering the production line to finished cards ready for shipment at the exit line.

"Our partnership with Ellipse enables us to design and develop equipment to exacting specifications and with minimum time to market, thereby supporting the industry's migration to EVC." - Joël BESNIER

"We are very excited to partner with Ellipse to introduce this innovative line of EVC-ready equipment to market," said Joël BESNIER, Managing Director of BG Ingénierie. "To facilitate the projected surge in global EVC card production, it's crucial to equip our clients with the tools to integrate EVC technology into their product line and to achieve maximum output and yield. Our partnership with Ellipse enables us to design and develop equipment to exacting specifications and with minimum time to market, thereby supporting the industry’s migration to EVC.” "EVC cards can be manufactured with standard processes and conventional machines. It is now equally seamless to perform end-to-end testing and quality control of EVC modules and finished cards,” said Cyril Lalo, CEO of Ellipse. ”We are delighted by BG Ingénierie’s commitment and investment to equip the industry with the most advanced measurement and OCR technologies, to ensure optimal production and the highest level of quality.”

BG Ingénierie's latest equipment line-up incorporates advanced parametric testing and evaluation capabilities to ensure the reliability, durability, and compliance of all EVC-based card products. The upcoming models include reel-to-reel, EVC function testing, standard module testing, and 100% electrical and optical QC, along with pre-personalization options for finished EMV cards. These models are designed to provide full functionality for both contact and contactless modes. The first shipments are scheduled for the end of Q2 2023. The EVC All-In-One module will be showcased and additional information about BGI’s EVC-ready equipment will be available at BG Ingérierie and Ellipse’s booths during the ICMA Expo 2023, which takes place May 15 -18 in Orlando, Florida.


Footnote, about EVC: EVC offers an effective and elegant solution to card not present fraud and false declines, which are both critically destructive to e-commerce payments. The EVC All-In-One is a battery-free, single-component EMV module that serves as a drop-in replacement for payment cards. A 3-digit code located on the back of the module changes every time the card is used at a physical terminal or ATM. This new code can be utilized for any subsequent online or card-not-present transactions, effectively reducing the risk of false declines and fraudulent card-not-present activities. The solution streamlines the production of e-commerce-enabled cards for all manufacturers and is compatible with common card materials including PVC, recycled plastic, and metal. About Ellipse: Ellipse World, Inc. (“Ellipse”) is a Los Angeles-based FinTech company that defines the latest advancements in smart card technology. Ellipse’s mission is to make digital payment safer in a digital world and to create simple solutions that address the global payment ecosystem’s needs. Ellipse developed the EVC All-In-One EMV smart card module. EVC (Ellipse Verification Code) is the new payment card standard that generates a Dynamic Card Security Code (or Dynamic CVV/CVC) during every Contact or Contactless card-present EMV transaction. Comprised of leading payment technology experts who are committed to creating new value for the payment industry, Ellipse is present across the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit Laval Law Ellipse About BG Ingénierie: BG INGENIERIE, established in 1999 by Guy BESNIER, is a French privately owned company that specializes in creating customized equipment and service solutions for smartcard, biometric card production, card and passport testing, and IC-SMD-eSIM programming technologies. The company comprises three subsidiaries catering to specific customer demands: BGI CARDS for independent chip implanting services, BGI EQUIPMENT for equipment development and production, and MEDIABADGE for card printer distribution and repair. In 2013, BG INGENIERIE won the National French Stars & Métiers “Prix de l’innovation technologique” for a specific multi-axes RFID robot tester. Today, the company has developed and produced more than 150 equipment, delivered 1200+ machines in over 65 countries, cementing its global recognition.

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