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BG Ingénierie introduces BGI 199-EVC-QC equipment for payment cards integrating EVC technology

Updated: Feb 23

- Comprehensive functional tests for finished EVC payment cards

- Automated Optical Inspections (AOI)

CHATEAUBOURG, ILLE-ET-VILAINE, FRANCE, July 5, 2023 -- BG Ingénierie, a leading provider of equipment and engineering services for payment card manufacturing, announced today the launch of the BGI 199-EVC-QC. This marks the first milestone in a line of cutting-edge equipment to fully automate the quality control of payment cards integrating Ellipse’s EVC® dynamic security code, in response to the rapid

adoption of this technology by the industry. The machine performs comprehensive functional tests and Automated Optical Inspections to ensure that finished EVC cards and their embedded Dynamic EVC Security Code display function correctly.

The first unit is currently being shipped to IN Groupe to be used by the SPS brand for the card payment market.

Additionally, a second unit has already been ordered by another card manufacturer and is expected to be shipped by the end of July.

"As the payment industry is moving to EVC, BG Ingénierie is proud to be leading the development of EVC-specific equipment, cementing its position at the forefront of innovation." - Joël BESNIER

Key Features:

- Up to 1400 cards per hour

- Industrial-grade reliability and high availability

- Industrial readers or testers

- Support for plastic and metal cards

- Functional and electrical contact and contactless tests and Automated Optical Inspection

- Uninterrupted operation facilitated by: 2 unstackers (300 cards each)

- Secured access to prevent jamming

- Automated sorting of good and non-functional cards with 2 stackers (500 cards each)

- Plug and play, single-operator, user-friendly touchscreen interface requiring minimal training

- Comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities

- Fully electric operation eliminating the need for pneumatic systems

Joël BESNIER, Managing director of BG Ingénierie was very enthusiastic about this momentous launch, stating: "We are thrilled to introduce the first machine in our highly anticipated line of EVC-ready equipment. Our commitment is to equip the industry with the tools needed to keep up with the latest card technologies and achieve maximum production and throughput. As the payment industry is moving to EVC, BG Ingénierie is proud to be leading the development of EVC-specific equipment, cementing its position at the forefront of innovation."

"With this new equipment, SPS completes its full offer for SPS inductive coupling process for Ellipse’s EVC technology, bringing the highest durability, reliability, and throughput to the market." - Nicolas GOURGUES

Nicolas GOURGUES, Payment product manager for the SPS brand of IN GROUPE, adds: “With this new equipment, SPS completes its full offer for SPS inductive coupling process for Ellipse’s EVC technology, bringing the highest durability, reliability, and throughput to the market. The BGI 199-EVC-QC allows testing contact, contactless and display functionalities on a finished card. This allows SPS to deliver full service and support to card manufacturers when they set up their Ellipse EVC card production, using SPS inductive coupling micromodules and inlays.”

This is a new step in the long-standing collaboration between SPS, an IN Groupe brand, and BG Ingénierie. Both companies have been collaborating for years on a variety of technologies and this new development shows their commitment to the success of Ellipse’s EVC dynamic security code technology.

As a standalone turnkey solution, BGI 199-EVC-QC can be swiftly deployed. Its modular 110/240 power supply unit ensures compatibility worldwide, while extensive customization options allow a seamless integration into existing manufacturing lines.

With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of service and support, the BGI 199-EVC-QC is built to withstand the test of time, offering durability and reliability.

BG Ingénierie and Ellipse are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and continuously enhancing the EVC ecosystem. The BGI 199-EVC QC is the first equipment of a new product line specifically designed for the EVC ecosystem, featuring battery-free and EMV-integrated dynamic security code technology. Further advancements and groundbreaking solutions are expected in the near future.


About BG Ingénierie

BG INGENIERIE, established in 1999 by Guy BESNIER, is a French privately owned company that specializes in creating customized equipment and service solutions for smartcard, biometric card production, card and passport testing, and IC-SMD-eSIM programming technologies. The company comprises three subsidiaries catering to specific customer demands: BGI CARDS for independent chip implanting services, BGI EQUIPMENT for equipment development and production, and MEDIABADGE for card printer distribution and repair. In 2013, BG INGENIERIE won the National French Stars & Métiers “Prix de l’innovation technologique” for a specific multi-axes RFID robot tester. Today, the company has developed and produced more than 150 equipment, delivered 1200+ machines in over 65 countries, cementing its global recognition. For more information, visit

BG Ingénierie contact:

Julien Sulerzycki, Business Development Manager

About SPS

With the SPS brand, IN Groupe opens its secure components technology to all card and document manufacturers. SPS is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passports and dual-interface banking cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, with a subsidiary in Singapore, SPS employs 250 people. The company specializes in contactless and dual-interface products, with a recognized micro packaging expertise. SPS has filed over 120 patents supporting its exclusive technologies. More information at

SPS Contact:

Jean-Baptiste Leos, Product Marketing Director Payment

Phone: +33 4 42 53 84 44

About IN Groupe

A global specialist in secure digital identity and services, IN Groupe is the trusted partner for the management and protection of sensitive data. As it is present across the entire identity value chain for people and objects, IN Groupe has deployed its expertise beyond regalian identity by developing solutions and services based on professional identity and object identity. As a stakeholder in the major issues aimed at improving and securing the right to be oneself in the digital age, the Group regularly intervenes with institutions and organizations involved in the identity ecosystem in Europe.

IN Groupe's cutting-edge solutions integrate electronic, optical, holographic and biometric technologies, to serve governments, companies and citizens.

As a national state printing house, IN Groupe is a committed player in the most protective and secure digital identity devices.

IN GROUPE IN FIGURES (2021 revenue): 453 M€ - 1,800 employees - 9 sites in Europe - 8 sales offices worldwide.

More than 130 countries use IN Groupe solutions - 30 partner governments.

More information at

IN Groupe Contact

Romain Galesne-Fontaine |+33 1 40 58 87 15 |

Anne-Isabelle Parodi, Marketing Director, SPS brand of IN Groupe, Phone: +33 4 42 53 84 83

Julien Sulerzycki BG Ingénierie email us here


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