Transit solution

New service

  • Address “unbanked” market with prepaid cards

  • White-labeling opportunity with closed-loop transit systems

Improved user experience

Increased fluidity

  • Fewer people stopped at turnstile because of insufficient balance



  • Instant balance

  • Remaining trips

  • Pass expiration date

  • Proof-of-payment/proof-of-fare

The gateway to smart-cities


ellipse TRANSIT solution for transit keeps passengers informed with relevant information such as balance, remaining trips, or expiration date. Transit operations costs are reduced with fewer balance verification terminals while commuter experience is improved with the reduction of bottlenecks at ticket machines.


Battery free design ensures operation during the entire lifetime of the card and eliminates self-discharge, providing virtually unilimited shelf life

ellipse  TRANSIT technology with RF and optional ISO interfaces can be deployed as an integrated solution that can operate on payment as well as on closed-loop networks


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