About Ellipse

At ellipse, our objective is to create solutions that address market needs, and that can be adopted easily and quickly by all stakeholders in the smartcard ecosystem. Our patented ellipse battery-free technology for card has been designed from the ground up to enable card manufacturers to produce and incorporate Display Cards into their product portfolio, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

The natural evolution of smart cards

Every design decision has been taken to ensure that cards encapsulating or embedding Ellipse technology can be produced by employing standard processes similar to dual interface card manufacturing, with existing equipment. 


The plastic card evolved from magnetic stripe to incorporating a smart chip and contactless interface to improve Card-Present transaction security and convenience. Today, cards integrating Ellipse Verification Code (EVC) help secure CNP transactions, display prepaid card balance and transit information, making this technology the natural evolution of smart cards.

Founders Cyril Lalo and Sebastien Pochic met in 2009 while they were launching the first MasterCard card with a built-in display. Their mutual passion for complex payment technology and innovation brought them together in 2017 when they decided to build Ellipse, a Los Angeles based forward thinking FinTech company guided and inspired by their vision and desire to rethink the future of payments. The main investors in ellipse are AWPG and Upfront Ventures.

Prior to ellipse, Cyril and Sebastien worked with their teams to invent, develop and commercialize several CNP fraud prevention solutions such as Dynamic CVC/V, Scramble PinPad, and OTP Display Cards for 3-D Secure.